3 Interesting Facts About Hot Tubs You Probably Didn’t Know

Hot tubs and spas are popular in many homes all over the United States. They’re typically used for relaxation, entertainment, and medical reasons, but hot tubs and spas can provide more benefits than you might think!

Because of their popularity, people tend to think they know everything there is to know about hot tubs. But that’s not actually the case. Let’s look at a few lesser known hot tub facts.

First, ancient hot tubs actually used a different technique to heat their water. Believe it or not, hot stones were used to warm up the water since no one had access to electricity. The stones were heated to any particular user’s preferred temperature and were placed at the bottom of the tub. The majority of people who use hot tubs prefer a water temperature between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if that was the case back in ancient days, the stones would have needed to reach an extremely high temperature to heat the water appropriately. Today, all hot tubs are powered by electricity which allows those fancy jets to work their magic.

Next, hot tubs can be used for much more than just relaxation and medical purposes. They can be used to bring people of all different cultures together. In fact, there is actually a world record for the most international hot tub soak. Back in 2012, a Guinness World Record was set as 26 people of all different nationalities sat in one tub at one time. Is this something you think you can beat?

Many people think that “jacuzzi” is synonymous with “hot tub.” However, it’s actually someone’s last name and a brand name of hot tubs. Back in 1948, one of the Jacuzzi brothers created a pump that would be used to treat chronic back pain. That was the starting point for what we now know to be hot tub jets. We still use some variation of his jet model in all tubs today.

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