Motion-Activated Air Conditioning

Many people have already begun adding smart features to their home. These features help increase a home’s efficiency, comfort and convenience, while reducing energy consumption and cost.

Sensor Based Air Conditioning

Motion-activated lighting has been around for quite some time. These systems use sensors to detect movement. When motion is detected, the system switches on the lights. Once the space is vacated, the lights automatically switch off. This helps ensure that energy is not being wasted lighting unoccupied spaces.

The same technology used in motion-activated lighting is now being applied to air conditioning systems. Occupancy sensors are attached to aluminum rods and hung from the ceiling. These sensors are strategically placed around the home or office building. When motion is detected, the sensors activate the air conditioning unit. Once occupants leave an area, the system shuts off to conserve power.

Smart Home Possibilities

Advanced occupancy sensors can detect the exact number of people in a room, as well as their activity level. Data is collected and stored on the cloud where it is analyzed to learn the behavior of occupants. This helps further improve efficiency of the system. This technology is still relatively new and improvements are continually being made.

Benefits of Motion-Activated Air Conditioning

Currently, motion-activated air conditioning is commonly used in commercial buildings. However, residential buildings can benefit from this technology as well. This is especially true for rental properties, where homeowners have very little control of the way air conditioning units are used by tenants.

Motion-activated air conditioning helps ensure that vacant properties are not being cooled unnecessarily. When a space is occupied, the occupants are able to control the temperature. Once they leave, the system automatically adjusts so that unoccupied spaces are not being cooled. This results in significant energy savings.

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

An energy efficient air conditioning unit can reduce your home’s energy consumption by as much as 20 to 50 percent. This is better for your wallet and the environment.

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