Transforming Your Basement With These Three Ideas

Most basements are dark, cold, unused areas. Some may be home to the washer and dryer, others may simply store off-season decorations and old toys. But with the help of an experienced general contractor, your unused basement area can become a completely new area the whole family can enjoy. If you’re planning a home remodeling project, this article is going to discuss a few ways you can utilize your empty basement space.

Media and Game Room

If your basement is a wide open space, this is the perfect option for your home remodeling project. How cool would it be to have your very own home theater and game room? Home theater installations are complete with a giant screen, some comfy chairs, and a top-notch sound system. With this setup, family movie night will be perfect. And when you’re not in the mood to watch a movie, you can play some pool or any other games in your rec room. Utilizing basement area as a recreational area is a popular choice. In fact, the 2016 U.S. Houzz and Home survey shows that 68% of homeowners planned to include some sort of recreational area in their home.

Home Gym

For those homeowners who find it difficult to make it to the gym, having a gym right at home can be a great option. This is a pretty easy home remodeling project, especially once you have the necessary equipment. If your basement remodeling idea is to convert an unused area to a home gym, it’s important to ensure the flooring is slip-resistant and there is a nice wide open area so you can use the gym equipment safely.

Family Room

Many families find it difficult to gather together in a small family room area upstairs. However, with a new family room in the basement, there will be room for the whole family and then some. If you decide to convert your basement into an additional family room, it’s important to make it feel as comfortable as possible. This can be difficult to do with basements, as they’re naturally kind of dark and gloomy. But by adding some carpeting or rugs, covering up support pillars with wooden slats or tiling, and getting some cozy furniture, you’ll have a new area the whole family can enjoy.

Hopefully, this article provided some great ideas to help you transform your basement area. With the right contractor and a little creativity, your unused basement can easily become one of your favorite parts of your house.

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