4 Ways You Can Display Flowers During An Outdoor Party This Summer

Summer is here! With the weather so warm, we have frizzy hair and a greater number of parties will https://christieadam.com/be taking place outside in the sunshine.

Up to 54% of floral shop customers buy decorations like centerpieces for the holiday season and summer is no different. But what are some of the best ways to display flowers for outdoor parties when the sun’s so hot?

Whether you are having a party for your family or entertaining local business clients, here are a few ideas to help you keep your flowers happy and healthy in the summer sun whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

  1. Float your flowers in a centerpiece. A romantic way to display your flowers in the summertime is to float them in a low, shallow bowl as a centerpiece. You can either anchor your flowers using a cylindrical vase or cut them short and let your blooms float along on the surface of a glass bowl. In the sun, this centerpiece will look vibrant and lovely on any table.
  2. Diplay your flowers in small bottles and jars. Mason jars and still popularly used to display flowers. Consider using your own mason jars or even the narrow glass bottles used for soda, olive oil, or balsamic vinegar. You can either use a set of these bottles for a single centerpiece or carefully spread them out along the table for a colorful decoration.
  3. Consider using an old-fashioned pitcher. Pitchers aren’t only useful for holding lemonade and water. They can also make a rustic centerpiece that exudes summertime. Choose a style of pitcher that boosts the color and beauty of the bouquet you choose. Bigger, fuller blooms like roses and dahlias often look the best displayed in this way.
  4. Make your blooms a part of the food. Edible blooms are one of the top trends this summer. Consider displaying flowers that can be eaten like lavender, hibiscus, or rose petals as a garnish on your cuisine or to your guests’ drinks for a more romantic and aesthetic appearance.

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