A Letter from Eco-Strip

Letter from: Catherine Brooks, President


We are all experiencing changes right now which we never anticipated: how we operate our daily lives with our families; how we work with our colleagues from home; how we entertain ourselves being home ALL the time. Some of these changes are confusing and some, painful. Others didn’t seem so big but we realize now they require us to break old habits and learn new ones. Most of us resist change but with this Covid-19 pandemic, our choice is clear. For the safety and health of all of us, we must change.

I want to share with you how Eco-Strip is coping with the massive crisis of the Covid-19.

Eco-Strip is very fortunate. We have always been an internet-based company. We have no brick and mortar stores to close. We simply moved our offices into our homes and moved some of our products there, too.

So, Eco-Strip is operating as usual. Your orders will be shipped and your phone calls answered. We will continue to serve you with quick shipments and fast responses to your questions.


Most of you reading our website and following us on social media are restoring your old homes or doing restoration work professionally. We want you to stay home. Now is the time to tackle your “to do” lists. If you’re like our family, you have a long list to keep you plenty busy.

We know many of you are suffering financial problems during these times. Eco-Strip is stepping up to help you by offering 4 programs:

1)  PRODUCT SALE: All our products are on sale. Cobras are $50 off. Speedheater1100s are $60 off. Accessories are discounted as well.

2)   SPECIAL RENTAL PROGRAM: Reduced daily rental fee from $35/day to $30/day.

For those of you with smaller projects, like a piece of furniture or a few doors to strip, a short-term rental rather than a purchase may be your answer. We offer used Cobras for rent. (We have no used Speedheater1100s for rent at the moment but keep calling us.)


  • Call our office at 703-429-2678 and tell us your project.
  • Order the unit on the phone using your credit card. The deposit charge is discounted to from $450 to $399.
  • We ship the unit to you. The Rental Clock starts the day after you receive the product.
  • Use the unit for as many days as you want @ $30/day. There is a 3-day minimum rental fee of $90.
  • Call us immediately when you finish your project and are ready to return the unit. The Rental Clock stops that day.
  • We email instructions to you on how to clean the unit and return ship it to us.
  • When the unit is received back, we inspect it. If it passes inspection, we deduct your rental fees from your deposit and refund to your credit card the balance.
  • Or, if you decide to keep your rental unit, let us know. Your rental deposit becomes your purchase payment and you keep that machine.

3)   USED COBRA PROGRAM: We have a limited number of USED COBRAS. Their condition is “as is”. They have cosmetic issues, are UL approved, are fully functional, and have our same One Year Warranty. The average price for these used units was $450. They are discounted to $399 for this special program. Check our website’s home page for their listing as a new product.

4)   DEFERRED PAYMENT PROGRAM: You can spread your order payments over 6 months by selecting this option at CHECK OUT. First, select PayPal, then select PayPal Credit. You do not need to have an existing PayPal account, however you will be asked to create a new one to get their deferred payment plan.

Eco-Strip’s goal with these 4 special programs is help DIYers get started on their projects now while you have the time at home to do them. Go for it!


In conclusion, I want to commend Americans for your RESILIENCE AND CREATIVITY.

  • Parents are adapting to having their kids at home full time. We’re learning to teach our children not just standard academics. Some are patiently teaching their youngsters new skills such as carpentry, cooking, and nature research. Kids are teaching us to dance, to do art, and to have fun with abandon. I see many parents enjoying new connections with their kids. 
  • We are sharing jokes, reading lists and coping tips, appreciating each other’s special talents, asking advice, comforting each other, reaching out to neighbors and strangers. All this is creating a stronger community across old boundaries.

Stay home.

Stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Laugh with each other.

Share your losses and grief.

And above all else, be kind to each other.

This too shall pass.

With hope,

Catherine Brooks

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