Easy Ideas To Help Get Started On Basement Remodeling Projects

If you’re thinking about remodeling your basement, you’re not alone. In fact, according to National Association of Home Builders surveys, finished basements have become some of the top choices of home remodeling projects in the past two decades. Long gone are the days of unused, dark, and scary basements. Homeowners today have an unending list of options when it comes to using basement space. So to help you get started on your basement remodeling project, this article is going to discuss a few ideas to really pull the area together.

Because the basement is considered a separate part of the home, homeowners often choose to style it completely differently. However, with the increasing use of basements as living spaces, it may be beneficial to match the style of the basement to the rest of the home. By making the basement more of an extension of the home, it’s an easier transition from the upstairs to the basement. By using similar colors, flooring, decor, and furniture, the basement will truly feel like extra living space rather than a completely separate part of the home.

While many homeowners decide to use their basement for one purpose, like a “man cave” or a designated play area for the kids, a basement area can be utilized for multiple functions at once. To do this, homeowners just have to be smart when deciding what goes where. For example, home theater installations should be done in an enclosed part of the basement, to both provide a better movie-viewing experience and to allow for use of the remaining space. To truly utilize the space to the max, homeowners should consider multi-tasking spaces, like a library that also serves as a home office. By using the space for multiple purposes, homeowners can really get the most out of their home remodeling project.

One of the most important considerations when choosing to focus on the basement during home remodeling is how to combat dampness and moisture. For instance, installing flooring is an area where moisture really needs to be considered. Today’s basements often feature luxury vinyl and sustainable carpet. If homeowners decide they’re going with flooring other than the original cement floor, homeowners should talk to their general contractors about the best way to protect the flooring. If moisture is a big concern and the budget is tight, simply painting the basement floor is a great way to give it a new look without breaking the bank.

When it comes to basements, there is so much homeowners can do to make space their own. Basement areas no longer have to be just for storing the Christmas decorations and old kids toys. With some thoughtful planning and an experienced general contractor, your basement home remodeling project will bring new life to an otherwise neglected area.

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