6 Questions To Ask Before a Home Addition

Putting an addition on your home can be a big project, one that requires a lot of planning and professional execution. There are many aspects that needed to be considered and evaluated before any actual construction begins. In order to know that you’re doing the best thing possible for yourself and your home, you should consider the following before starting your project.

Cost: Unfortunately, home additions aren’t free. You’ll need to figure out how much you have to spend and what is possible within the parameters of that budget.

Return: The good news is that many additions will give you a return on your investment and increase the value of your home. A bathroom addition can average a return on investment, or ROI, of 86.4%, and spaces such as kitchens and master suites can give high returns as well. So when considering your addition, find out if it will raise your home’s appraisal.

Restrictions: As with any construction project, there are bound to be limitations and hindrances on what you can build. Housing restrictions such as load-bearing walls or foundation issues can put a wrinkle in your plan, as well as city/town zoning laws and ordinances. You’ll need to consult with your local government or your home building professional to make sure everything is in the clear.

Alternatives: As much as you might think an addition is the best option, it might not be the only possibility. Consider remodeling an existing space instead of home additions. You would save money on renovations and can still get the space you need. An addition may truly be the only way to achieve what you want, but you should examine all other options as well.

Direction: There are really just two possibilities for your addition: up or out. Building out is the best option if you choose to have a detached addition such as a garage or studio. Building up can be great too, but you’ll have to consider architectural details and may have to hire an architect.

Who: Finding the right people for the job can be difficult, especially if you aren’t sure who you need. A good contractor will tell you if you’ll need to hire an additional person such as an architect, or they’ll have one on staff.
Start your home project right with some proper planning, and your home will look better than ever.

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