As you may already know, moving can be stressful, not to mention it is a costly and time-consuming process. By engaging a professional moving company, you can make a move as hassle-free as possible as the movers do the heavy lifting. Depending on your agreement and budget, the movers can do everything from packing to unpacking in the new home, or you can do some tasks yourself. For instance, you may decide to pack your stuff and label the boxes, and the movers only have to carry them to the track. Regardless, here are the steps to prepare your home for the movers.

Eliminate the stuff you are not moving

After the home is sold, when movers come into your parents home, they assume everything is moving to the new location. It is best to get rid of all the items you are not moving in advance before the movers get there. Alternatively, you can set them aside to one side or room and let the movers know that the items are not moving to the new location.

Pack and label boxes

If you opted to pack by yourself to keep the moving costs low, do that in advance and label the boxes. It is good to start packing as soon as you decide to move, and that allows you ample time to pack appropriately and ensure your items are safe in the boxes. It is best to label the boxes with their intended rooms so that the movers know where to place them in the new house. The more organized you are, the easier it is for the moving company.

Dust your furniture and appliances

Sure, you don’t want to carry dust and dirt from your old house to your new one. Take time to dust your furniture, appliances, and anything else you are moving. And when you get to your new home, it is advisable to do a deep clean and start from a clean slate.

Move your small valuables yourself


Gather all your small valuables, including jewelry and documents, and store them safely. Besides, your moving company has no liability for your jewelry and cash, so you must ensure they are safe during the move.

Clear pathways

Another vital thing to do before movers come into your home is clear pathways inside and decide where they will pack the truck. Move any vehicle that may obstruct the moving truck and notify your manager of the move if you live in an apartment. On the inside, ensure you leave adequate space for the movers to haul the items and keep pets and kids out of sight.

Inventory and take pictures of your items

Ensure you take inventory of all the items you are moving and take pictures of electronic components pre-move so that assembling will be easier. Having a checklist and pictures pre-move is essential for assurance you had a specific item, or there wasn’t damage during the move.

 Being more organized makes the entire move more manageable.

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