Things You Should Never Do When Using a Hot Tub or Spa

If you’ve been dying to utilize your hot tub and spa as the weather gets warmer, you’re in luck. The warmer temperatures are on their way, so get your summer swimsuit ready.

Whether your a bookkeeper,  traveling executive, local business owner or just a regular guy or gal, a home hot tub and spa can be used for many different purposes include relaxation, entertainment, and even therapeutic. In fact, 83.9% of hot tub owners say they purchased their tub with the primary purpose of relaxing and relieving stress. But along with these wonderful benefits, you also need to make sure you’re staying safe while using your home spa. In order to stay safe, there are some things you should never do while soaking in a spa and hot tub.

If the Water is Green, Don’t Get In

Say you’ve been waiting all day to hop into the water when you notice that the entire tub has a green-ish tint. No matter how much you want to get in and relax, don’t.  You especially do not want to submerse your head and hair. Green or musty-smelling water is a sure sign that there is something nasty going on. It’s usually a signal that the water is unsanitary, but you can easily fix it. Drain the tub and refill it with fresh, clean water. Then, begin to sanitize using the products you received from your hot tub dealers. If you want to take an extra step, scrub the walls down before refilling your home hot tub.

Don’t Forget About Your Ozonator

You may not realize how important it is to consistently check your ozonator. If your hot tub ozonator isn’t working, your hot tub isn’t getting sufficient levels of ozone. This means it’s probably not safe for soaking. Even if your ozone jet is bubbling and working, that doesn’t mean it’s doing its job properly. Check your water weekly with an ozone detector to ensure your water is clean.

Don’t Neglect Your Filters

Just like it’s important to change the filters out on your home’s air conditioner unit and water filter, it’s important to change your hot tub and spa filters, too. If you use your tub on a regular basis, take a moment every two to three months to change the filter. The filters are there to maintain sanitary water, and without them, you could be exposed to harmful bacteria. If you don’t use your home spa often, replacing the filters every two years or so is fine.

Hot tubs and spas are great tools for relaxing, entertaining, and even for some medical purposes. But it’s so important to be safe while soaking. To that end, remember these practices you should never do with your hot tub.

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