Hot Tubs, Spas, and Jacuzzis — What’s The Difference?

Hot tubs, spas, and Jacuzzis are popular big-ticket items many people have as a part of their home. They use them as a source of relaxations, entertainment, or just on a day-to-day basis.

While these three luxury items are extremely popular to have in a home, some people might not know the difference between them. They all hold people and water, but what makes them different from each other?

When you hop in a home spa, you’re treated to different kinds of therapeutic water. The water in the home spa is mineralized, which is thought to have curative powers. Now, this is what they believed back in the prehistoric times, but the thought of those healing powers is still alive and well. They sit on top of the ground, or they can be placed into the ground. Homeowners will typically build a deck or patio surrounding the home spa to act as the framework.

A spa and hot tub are very similar in the sense that they can either be placed above or underground. It’s full of hot water and usually comes in a round shape. Now, the confusion lies in the next sentence. Hot tubs are more like spas when jets are involved. If a hot tub has massaging jets or swirling water, it’s more along the lines of a spa. A home hot tub refers to the still, warm water that is used to help people relax. It’s also used to help people with muscle or joint issues. 14.8% of hot tub owners prefer to soak alone in the still water and think of it their “alone time.” But, if you’re still confused, think of it this way: Hot tub equals a hot soak. Jets and waves equal a spa.

Now, the final type of tub that people confuse with a hot tub and spa is a Jacuzzi. But, the reality of it all is that Jacuzzi is actually just a brand name of hot tub dealers. It’s not a specific type of tub, but rather it’s the first manufacturer of portable spas. So, when someone says they’re going to hop in the Jacuzzi, ask them what kind of brand their tub is.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of confusion between all of these luxury tubs, as they’re all extremely similar. Like I said, remember that spa is equivalent to something that uses jets and motion. A hot tub is just a hot soak. And don’t forget that a Jacuzzi is really just a brand name.

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