Hot Tub Safety Tips

Home hot tubs are a luxury item that can help a person relax, entertain, or recover from an injury. In fact, 83.9% of hot tub owners bought their tub with the primary purpose of relaxing and relieving stress. People will often buy hot tubs for their backyard or their patio area so they can hop in the warm water whenever they need it.

While they are extremely beneficial, it’s important to know how to be safe when using a home hot tub. By using it properly and safely, you’re going to have the best possible experience soaking in the home hot tub or home spa.

First, it’s crucial that you take care of the water. If you don’t take care of the water by sanitizing it and maintaining the balance, you risk cultivating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. To make sure that everything is in good condition, use test strips before you hop in the hot tub or spa. The strips will be able to tell you if your water needs to be sanitized or if you need to balance out the pH levels.

Next, you should never bring food or drink into a spa and hot tub. It might be tempting to want to sit in the spa with a glass of wine while relaxing, but it’s actually frowned upon. The warm water can intensify the effects that alcohol has on a person, so avoid drinking while sitting in the tub and even before entering it. Instead, make sure you hydrate with lots of cool water to help keep your body temperature regulated and to safely enjoy your time in the hot tub.

Finally, if you have any medical issues, you should always speak to your doctor before getting in a hot tub. If you suffer from things like heart disease or diabetes, you might be at risk for potential complications. If you know that you’re going to be having someone in your hot tub that does suffer from a medical condition, make sure you know basic first aid and CPR in case something were to go wrong.

By taking the steps listed above, you can be sure you’re using the hot tub and spa safely and securely. Reach out to your local hot tub dealers for the perfect unit for you!

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